Adventure Holidays in Porthmadog



Adventure and Activity Holidays

Near The Royal Sportsman, you will have no shortage of exciting activities that are perfect for an Adventure Holiday either here in Porthmadog or the surrounding areas of Snowdonia, North Wales.
If you want to try out some new activities and make your adventure holiday one to remember, make sure to check out some of the great local places below –

Abseiling and Rock Climbing in Snowdonia

Abseiling and rock climbing are two great activities that we are in the perfect place for, being right next to some of the best mountain landscapes in Wales and an undoubtedly beautiful national park that is right on our doorstep – Snowdonia National Park.
Abseiling can be booked through many companies so you can pick the best place to use for your adventure holiday or weekend –

Surf Snowdonia

We are so excited to be near Surf Snowdonia – a world-first inland surf lagoon. Imagine catching some waves while enjoying spectacular scenery Snowdonia has to offer. Ideal for beginners or the seasoned surfer. Find out more by visiting their page – AdventureparcSnowdonia.